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Tow club info

We ask that you have obtained the following
if you plan on flying during or after “High - noon”

  • Must be comfortable flying mid -day
  • Have a valid HPAC card with you
  • Full or temporary membership (we have both)
  • Know the rules of this site (where not to fly)
  • Have a HAGAR # for flights above 700’ agl
  • You should know the air reg’s
  • Be alert we ask questions occasionally
  • Hold a minimum novice rating and have the instructor’s approval
  • Have tie down stake Students: > please< fly within your limits

    Do “not” attempt to teach yourself to fly
    Hang gliding and Paragliding Can bee risky
    Buying used or older won’t save you a dime

    Pass (Peter’s) more tension test

    more tension

    1. (a) What is the dreaded lock-out and how is it prevented? (b) If you experience a lock-out, how is it corrected (or what should you do)?

    2. Name three types of release.

    3. At what attitude should the nose be held at for a static winch foot launch?

    4. What speed should be maintained immediately after launch?

    5. How do you judge that speed?

    6. What speed should be flown at transition?
    7. How do you know it is time to transition?

    8. What bar pressure/body position should be maintained during the initial pull for a safe and secure dolly launch?

    9. Whose responsibility is it to check the weak link on each flight?

    10. How many strands of mason line are an appropriate weak link for:
    (a) beginners
    (b) Experienced solos
    (c.) tandems
    (d.) paragliders

    11. What approximate breaking strength would a weak link be relative to the pilot's weight?

    12. What signals can be used for signaling to the winch operator that
    a pilot being towed wants;
    (a) less tension (give two)
    (b.) more tension (give one)?

    13. What is likely to be the cause if the glider starts to yaw a lot on tow?

    14. What would then fix the problem?

    15. Describe the different manner of effective weight shift control on tow compared to off line.

    16. Under tow the glider starts heading off to the right. You try to correct but the glider continues in its bank, resisting your efforts. What should you do?

    17. About how many tandems/solos might you expect would be required to be ready to try a step?

    18. What is the minimum height above the winch to attempt a step?

    19. Is there any piece of extra safety equipment required for step towing?

    20. What is the minimum height at which the downwind turn should be started when stepping?

    21. Why?

    . Tow club .

    Join our tow club or visit with a day pass

    Yearly tow club fee $ 200.00

    : club member,
    Straight tows $ 10.00 step tows $ 5.00 / per

    day pass (non members)
    : straight tows $15.00 step tows $ 10.00 / per
    weak link breaks and aborts $5.00

    Landing out fee within 5 kms $20.00 for angry farmer

    If I pick you up - a great dinner on the town
    Most of all Fly safely

    glider rental - extras

    : trainer / falcon – easy $20.00 per flight / ˝ hr

    : demo / intermediate $35. 00 per flight / ˝ hr

    : paraglider/harness - trainer $25.00 per flight ˝hr

    : set up / take down $ 20. 00

    : monthly storage $ 15. 00 per glider

    : repairs / alterations $35. 00 per / hr


    6000 ft & 35 km for $10

    What do we get for $10 these days? Maybe a T-shirt, or a couple beers, or a very small amount of gas in the tank??

    How about one tow at U Fly Ontario? That's all it took me today, my first tow this season, to get away and fly for 1h20, racking up nearly 35 km in the process. I went up first, playing wind-dummy for Eric and Marty, under blue skies and light northerly winds. I pooched my first launch due to an anemic run in light winds, then got off cleanly a minute later, thanks to cautious towing from Ray. Climbing up on tow, I flew through a good cycle at 500 ft AGL but stayed on, as I always do unless I have 700 ft and the thermal is at least three seconds long. I hit another good cycle at 700 ft, but chickened out, thinking this is my first tow this season, and only my second flight on my brand-new Synergy2. The third cycle at 1000 ft AGL gave me some 1200 fpm, with the vario screaming "it's time, stupid!". With lots of room to spare on the tow, I signalled to drop tension and released smoothly in the solid lift.

    Cranking away on my sweet new PG, the vario sang loudly at 800-1000 fpm all the way to 4000 ft. Topping out, I then pushed under a nicely forming cumulus, found more lift and climbed to cloudbase, parking myself near 6000 ft. Weight-shifting in wide circles, I quickly switched to mittens before my fingers totally froze, then spent some time warming up my hands and watching the action at UFO way below. My cloud got thinner as I slowly drifted SW, so I dove SE towards the next cloud forming by the MoSport racetrack. I then played "connect-the-dots" in the sky for the rest of the flight, first pushing towards Bowmanville, then made a good transition to a nice cloudstreet along Lake Ontario. Unfortunately I kept drifting south towards COLD open water (got too close for comfort last year - lesson learned...), so I maximized altitude under the nicest cloud around then made a LONG transition through a blue hole to reach another cloudstreet to the NE. The Synergy2's glide was awesome, reaching the next cloud patch still halfway up, but I only found light lift. I widened my search and worked everything I could, maintaining height but again drifting to the lake. I hit some solid 300-400 fpm over Newcastle and climbed a few hundred feet, but got too close to the shore and bailed back over town, repeating the cycle once more, then gave up on the third attempt and landed less than a km away from the Lake Ontario bluffs.

    Best ten bucks I ever spent. By the way, UFO does offer $20 daily memberships for visitors.